Service Dog Training

We provide training and assistance for service dogs for those in need. Some include PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder and Mobility. The time to train varies on the tasks to be performed, the breed and how quickly both the handler and the dog are ready to be tested.


Education & Awareness

We provide education and awareness through workshops and seminars at businesses and local charities to help the public understand the importance of service dogs.


Puppy & Obedience Classes

For over 5 years, we have been serving the Ottawa Valley with puppy and obedience classes.

Looking to join Watch My 6?

 So currently we are only taking 6 applicants every 3 months.

Our primary focus is on military members and veterans but as space allows we will take civilians. 

If you do not have a puppy and wish to get our assistance with finding you a suitable puppy please let us know we are in constant contact with rescues and breeders.

Due to the high volume of requests we have a wait list but we encourage you to apply and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Service dog Training Program


Our Program


Participation in the WM6SD program is made up of a 7-stage process.

Stage 1

Consultation with a Health Care Professional regarding receiving a note to support need for Service Dog. This is done  before putting in application to receive training. This note must say your medical condition would benefit from the use of a Service Dog. This note may also say your specific medical condition as well as details about your Doctor (ie. license number).  If you intend to travel Air Canada specifically states : 

  • You have a mental or emotional disability recognized by the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders);
  • You need your dog for emotional or psychiatric support during travel and/or at destination;
  • the person who prepared the document is a licensed mental health professional; and
  • You are currently under the care of the licensed mental health professional who prepared the document.

The letter must also provide information on the mental health professional's license (i.e. type of license, date issued, and issuing authority) 

Stage 2

Completion of program administrative requirements alongside the program application form. You will be contacted about your dog (Watch My 6 does not provide dogs, we do not have a kenneling or breeding program) We will then arrange an assessment day/evening to meet with you and your pup to see if your "team" would match with our program

Stage 3

Consultation/Assessment with an Watch My 6 trainer to discuss pairing with a Service Dog - topics include:

Costs that are covered by the program;

Canine care and the responsibility of the handler in the program;

Training , certification and recertification;

Criteria for a dog that a hander may bring into the program;

Insurance, both liability and pet health;

Media and public relations(if agreeable),;

Difficulties encountered in training;

What users can do if they are denied access to training or full certification,.

The team will also be assessed that they do in fact have a bond , the dog is keen to please and learn and shows no aggression .

Stage 4

Teams are entered into a 6 week "Introduction to Service Dog Training Program" . In this time trainers want to see that teams are taking selection seriously. They must attend 75%+ of classes in order to go forward as well as trainers must see homework is being done. In 6 weeks if homework is done daily it will be visible in the dog. The cost to this program is $150 as it is a very structured obedience course and not all dogs go forward. 

Stage 5

Users are part of a 52-week Service Dog progression period mentored by Watch My 6 trainers. (psyciatric average completion is 52 weeks, mobility is 104

Stage 6

End-users are certified for a period of 1 year, Watch My 6 follows the set standards for Certification from the Canadian Service Dog Trainers Association. Follow ups/re-certifications are done annually. We do this to insure the dog is still healthy enough to continue with Service Dog work and that no issues have come up .

Stage 7

Handlers are then welcome to join the Trainer Mentorship program to become Professional Pet Dog Trainers, to be able to pass along knowledge and train the future generations of Service Dogs.

Puppy Social & Obedience

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