Service Dog Training

We provide training and assistance for service dogs for those in need. Some include PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder and Mobility. The time to train varies on the tasks to be performed, the breed and how quickly both the handler and the dog are ready to be tested.


Education & Awareness

We provide education and awareness through workshops and seminars at businesses and local charities to help the public understand the importance of service dogs.


Puppy & Obedience Classes

For over 5 years, we have been serving the Ottawa Valley with puppy and obedience classes.

Looking to join Watch My 6?

 So currently we are only taking 6 applicants every 3 months.

Our primary focus is on military members and veterans but as space allows we will take civilians. 

If you do not have a puppy and wish to get our assistance with finding you a suitable puppy please let us know we are in constant contact with rescues and breeders.

Due to the high volume of requests we have a wait list but we encourage you to apply and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.