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Watch My 6 is a Not-For-Profit organization, dedicated to helping individuals train  Service Dogs while increasing the awareness  about the rights and roles of Service Dogs. We advocate for our pawed participants through ongoing training, education and community events. We offer support, training and education for our group members so that they can prepare for CASDT Service Dog Public Access Certification.


 At WM6, we take pride in being accredited  with the Canadian Pet Dog Trainer Association & The Canadian Association of Service Dog Trainers.  We believe in and adhere to positive and reward based training methods and we all have the same beliefs and ideology when it comes to positive reinforced training methods to have the best possible outcome for your dog.. Our accreditation with the CASDT allows us to follow their set standards and regulations used by many amazing organizations across Canada.

If you have questions about Service Dogs in public/ the workplace, Training or how a Service Dog may help you please don’t hesitate to reach out. 



First Aid Kit $20

  Pet First Aid Kit $20.00 (includes door drop off)

The pet first aid kit carries all the essentials for managing pet emergencies. It can clipped to a leash or belt, is small enough to keep in a bag or purse. The contents are secured in a poly bag to add water resistance. The kit includes our Pet First Aid Guide with detailed easy to follow explanations for treatment of the common pet injuries and illnesses.

Contents Include:

  • Emergency Mylar Blanket (1)
  • Gauze Sterile 2"x2" (2)
  • Non-Adherent Gauze 3"x4" (2)
  • Roller Gauze 2" (1)
  • Abdominal Pad Gauze 5"x9" (1)
  • BZK Antiseptic Swabs (2)
  • Stainless Steel Scissors (1)
  • Fine point Tweezers Stainless Steel (1)
  • Nitrile Gloves Large (2)
  • Pet First Aid Guide (1) 

When placing order be sure to include shipping location of drop off (we will do contactless drop offs to your frontdoor/mailbox)

Outside the Ottawa Valley?? Please click the link below to order yours directly to your home!https://wildmedkits.ca/collections/custom-kits-1/products/pet-first-aid-kit  

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